We are a high-tech company that focuses on manufacturing technology, laser technology and medical technology. We offer our customers both innovative and high-quality products, as well as solutions to their problems - in sheet metal processing, laser-based production processes, electronic applications and in hospital equipment. Our expertise in these fields provides the competitive edge our customers require.

Quality made by INLINIAS

Quality means satisfied customers whose expectations are met. Our quality is ensured by the systematic and integrated quality awareness of our employees and a good and creative company culture. This also means to continuously control and improve products and processes.

Our Customers

Our success depends on the success of our customers. Understanding our customers' strategies and business models enables us to incorporate their input quickly into specific products and solutions. Customer relationships are developed and nurtured by our sales, technical field support, applications engineering and customer service professionals, and supported by our manufacturing experts.

  Banpheao Hospital  
LeamNgob Electric Ltd.
  Sekisui - SCG Industry   ThaiNamthip Ltd.  
250GPM Water Filtration - Sep '08
500kW Wind Tower - Jul '10
House Platform Cart - Jan '15
PET Water Bottle Mold - Mar '13
  Thonglor Restaurant & Bar   Heil Trailer Asia Limited   Heil Trailer Asia Limited   Heil Trailer Asia Limited  
20-Car Parking Tower - Aug '12
Round Die w/ Flange - Apr '13
400-Ton Punch - Apr '13
500kg Travel Crane - Oct '14
  Home Buyer   Miracron Inc.   Banpheao Hospital      
  3-Car Parking System - Dec '12   Machine Relocation - May '09   S.Steel Medical Container - Oct' 15      
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